The Future is Now

“Step boldly, bravely, into your future.”

Who said that? I don’t know, but what I do ‘know’ (or at least believe) is…we are the makers of our own destinies: You are the one who can make your dreams come true.

There was this iconic film from the 80’s that you may have heard some talk about recently. “Back To The Future” uses today’s date as some futuristic, science fiction time period in their plot line. Hah! And here we are, sitting placidly on planet earth in our plain old earthling suits, to tell the tale.

But it does serve as a great reminder that the future is just around the corner, in that don’t blink or you’ll miss it sort of way; so we should all make good on our dreams while we have the chance.

That said, Sumac Summer, our debut, fiction drama novel for young adults ages 11+, is now available (English version in eBook form) on,, and, in global territories.

Thanks for checking it out.

Anyone who has read the book already is officially invited to post a review. We’d love to hear from you.

So go, step boldly forward. The future is here.